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resourceLet’s face it. There is a lot of content out there but often times it is the same content that remains static and un-changed for month’s, even years! Assuming you spent a pretty penny on your beautiful website; you want to keep your target audience coming back to it, don’t you?

Here is where we welcome the world of blogs, video and other interactive forms of content delivery.

You want to turn that target audience into an interactive community. A community of people is inherently interactive and passionate about their interests. They want to share new information and special finds. They don’t want to read the same static information and they’re not interested in tweeting about your “services” page.

It’s time to start thinking about how you can position yourself as a trusted resource in your field and not a product pusher, thus facilitating natural discovery of your online content. If your target community is naturally discovering your site via your entertaining interviews or useful daily tips, search engines will return the favor.

Ask yourself this question, what is your website a resource on?

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