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social media marketing

Social Media marketing is on the rise and it doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon. So you’re either in..or you’re out. When it comes to your business and your brand, you might want to consider being in. Whenever I tell a client this, many times their response is “Why would I want to twiddle? Twit? Tweet?”, I’m not a celebrity or teenage girl.

That’s the misconception. Social media marketing encompasses so much more than the standard tweet and facebook status update. It refers to an entire online community active in watching videos, blogging, photo sharing, social bookmarking, and yes..status updating and tweeting. So wouldn’t you want that blog, video, bookmark, tweet and status update to be about you or your business? The answer is yes.

Traditional marketing methods proved effective in the past, but consumer trust has shifted. Not only is information more accessible online, but other consumers can share their opinion online. Now a days if a consumer is looking for information about a product or service they’re not likely to open a magazine or newspaper to find the answers. They’re more likely to turn on their computers and look for reviews and endorsements from individuals just like themselves. And if they can’t find your business among the others out there engaging in the online communities, well, then they won’t seek your expertise.

Social media marketing is an evolving ever growing technology with many successful case studies to boot. Stay tuned and we’ll show you how social media marketing can:

Facilitate natural discovery of your online content
• Boost traffic, and
• Build strong consumer relationships

In the meantime, check out this video further showing that it’s time for businesses to start paying attention to social media and the power of using facebook, Twitter, and other SMM platforms for business.

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