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Local web design relationship building


Being a local web design company based in San Diego, we have had the opportunity to see both successful and not so successful attempts at social media marketing. One of the most basic yet overlooked rules of thumb to follow is relationship building; a fundamental principle to use in social media marketing…and in your life 🙂

Think about your relationships with people (including your Facebook, twitter or social media relationships in general) as a series of bank account “deposits” and “withdrawals”.



Each person has a bank account (you have one, and the other person or people have one). As you interact with people (including social media) you can make deposits by first considering what THEIR interest, concerns and problems are. You then either relate to those interests, concerns and problems or you do something for them regardless of your interest in the subject.

Example: In real life, if you’re having issues with a family member, you could purposefully think of what they enjoy doing and do that with them regardless of how much you do or do not like it. This would be a large deposit. A small one might be asking them how things are going and then just listen. Don’t try to tell your own story of how the same thing happened to you once. Just listen.

local web design bank depositIn social media, a deposit can be made by purposefully finding out what your followers like to read or what their interests are and then post things that only have to do with those things, all the time never mentioning a single thing about yourself.

Doing this consistently in life and in social media in general will create fruitful relationships that will bring a lot of prosperity your way.



*hints and tips* “When you are searching for a local web design company, remember to make sure they know of and apply this principle to all of the social media marketing campaigns they build for their clientele”

local web design bank withdrawalNow WITHDRAWALS happen naturally in real life and in social media. One type of withdrawal you can make in social media is talking about yourself…especially in the sense of speaking about your small business or “selling”, even if it is completely indirect.

Both withdrawals and deposits, at the very LEAST, need to balance each other out. My advice to you would be to make 10 to 1 deposits over withdrawals with the guidelines I have given you above.

If you do this, I promise a marked increase in your social media marketing efforts.



Pixel Me Pink is a local web design company based in San Diego, CA

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