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A common mistake for most new small businesses is to become so focused on client work and finding new clients that they forget to work on the business itself to make it BIGGER, BETTER and MORE PROFITABLE.

A good way to avoid neglecting this most important part of your small business is to allocate a different focus for different days of the week, such as client meeting days, development days and admin days.

Imagine if you were in the middle of an important project and had to leave to meet a client. This would be counter productive to your project. Let FOCUS be your best friend.

  • each time you change focus, you delay the outcome
  • it takes more time to get BACK to a project than to complete it

Instead, you could make Tuesdays and Thursdays client meeting days. That way you wake up knowing that you will be engaged in meetings all day and can mentally prepare. This leaves your “client work days” un-interrupted and you will get much more done.

For instance, we have dubbed every Friday at Pixel Me Pink to be FOUNDATION FRIDAY. On this day we don’t do ANY client work. Instead our whole team works on our systems, our strategies, our newsletter, our social media campaigns, our website, etc. One full day every week focused solely on improving our business.

What new level of success could your business reach if you mapped out your goals and dedicated a whole day each week to achieve them?

That is 52 whole days a year dedicated to making your business BIGGER, BETTER, and MORE PROFITABLE.

You must simply shift the way you work and beware of the Parkinson’s Law:  “Work expands to fill the time available”

  • set short deadlines for yourself
  • use a timer to complete projects
  • don’t EVER multi-task

Write down ALL projects on your plate and prioritize them by:

  • What’s going to bring in the most money fastest?
  • What is the lowest cost to implement?
  • What can be implemented with the greatest ease?

Put a star on current “Project of the Moment” and focus ONLY on this until completion.

mind map for success in your business