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Marketing Checklist for 2011 from Pixel Me Pink Web and Graphic DesignI just love checklists, don’t you? Especially when it’s an Online Marketing Master Checklist to prep your business for 2011! Marketing your business online isn’t a particularly difficult task, it’s usually just a matter of knowing what to do, how to do it and having the skills and time to get it done. With that being said, marketing your business online isn’t particularly easy either. With so many things to do, the task can quickly become quite overwhelming. We’ve attempted to simplify things for you by providing the “what to do” piece of the pie. Follow the guidelines below and your business will be well prepped to start off the new year right!

If your not sure how to do some of the following, not to worry! I’ve linked out to some great resources, so do as much as you can. Every little bit helps. I will also be doing several follow-up posts with some detailed “how-to’s“.


Make your site more Search Engine Friendly. If you haven’t already, do some studying up on SEO (using respected sources, please) and make sure:

  • all your “Local/Places/Maps” listings are set up and claimed
  • your keyword research is done (for now) with plan to check often for new keywords. Google Adwords is an awesome free tool that will help you accomplish this
  • your site is crawl-able – so that search engines can easily access your content and follow the navigation to all the pages on your site. The easier you make google’s job the better!
  • set unique Titles and Descriptions for each page/post of your website, which is critical for SEO, and also for feeding your site into Social Media channels.


  • Know your visitors. Research the demographics of your ideal prospect, then make sure your site is designed to suit their wants and needs.
  • Establish clear calls to action. It simply means you are prompting your site visitor to take a certain action, such as fill out a form or ask for a quote. every site should have a desired objective for users.
  • Redevelop Your Site Using a Good Content Management System
    make sure the system gives you the ability to:
  • fully add/edit/manage main pages of your site, as well as daily/weekly items like news, special offers, upcoming events etc. (whether you call that your blog or not) so you can have up to date, relevant content.
  • integrate with your Social Media Channels – Facebook ‘Like’ buttons, Tweet This, ShareIt, etc., as well as widgets showing your stream on your networks.
  • Ping search engines – posts correctly set up on WordPress sites can get into Google within minutes.
  • automatically create updated xml and html sitemaps.
  • post via email and mobile devices for more flexibility.
  • make sure you get properly trained in using the CMS so you can make best use of all these features.


  • Check site for broken links (and fix them!)
  • Review/update text (make sure nothing it outdated or old info)
  • Test order links (if applicable)
  • Review order process for user-friendliness (if applicable)
  • Update photos
  • Create a plan to keep site fresh and updated
  • Make sure you have a plan in place to review web stats regularly


  • Review your Newsletter/Follow Up Series and make sure it’s current and compelling (create one if you don’t have one yet)
  • Make sure your email signature contains all your social profile links and a link to subscribe to your newsletter


  • Create a plan to post regularly
  • Make sure you Blog is properly configured with the latest and best plugins
  • Make sure you have a good strategy for using Keywords/Tagging/Categorizing on posts


  • Take some time to be sure your goals and objectives are outlined (you’ll get more out of Twitter if you know what you are doing and why)
  • Create a plan to build followers
  • Review how often you are tweeting and what tweets you are getting results from – you’ll need to fine-tune your Twitter campaign as you go


  • Take some time to be sure your goals and objectives outlined (you’ll get more out of Facebook if you know what you are doing and why)
  • Make sure your FB badge is placed on your site and you are linking from your signature line in your emails etc.
  • Create an action plan to network and engage friends/fans
  • Create an action plan to keep content updated


  • Make sure your profile is set up and complete
  • Request endorsements
  • Participate in Questions and discussions
  • Connect your profile to your other social media accounts

Other social media sites:

  • Find other relevant industry social media sites
  • Create your profile and create action plan to participate
  • Consider a video strategy with YouTube

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