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Web Design

Client-Focused, Customer-Centric, Pixel-Perfect UI Designs that deliver tangible business results.

· Customized, User-friendly and Interactive UI Design

· 100% Browser and Multi-Device Compatability

Web Development

We develop custom, scalable and robust web applications based on your precise business needs.

· Customer centric web portals with all the necessary functionalities to help expand your business.

· Easy to use CMS web applications to manage your digital content efficiently.

App Development

We build affordable, easy to use & feature rich mobile apps to turn your ideas into business solutions.

· Experts in designing targeted and innovative, bug-free, thoroughly tested mobile apps.

· We offer professional and user-centric mobile app development services to businesses on all platforms including Windows.

Digital Marketing

Bring your product into the limelight and outperform your competitors.

· Don't let your business be lost in the digital space, let our creativity build an online face for you.

· Pixel Me Pink provides brands the edge to reach out to billions of customers.


 Rated #1 out of over 200 Companies in Yelp!

State of art digital services for your business and brands

Struggling to manage the digital presence of business and brands, while meeting the demands of day-to-day business? We will help you to achieve your goals and to grow your business. Talk to an IT services expert now and request a custom quote.


    Web Design

    User Friendly, Pixel Perfect and Responsive UI

    Our highly skilled and professional web designers make sure that they come out with web designs that are user-friendly and contain the element of innovation and creativity so that users who visit your website are mesmerized by the kind of website you have.

    We are not just experts at creating website designs that are most appealing but also specialize in creating customized web designs to achieve the best goals for your business with wordpress themes. We have been delivering the best-customized web design services for businesses in every niche. Our design services include:

    • User-friendly, Pixel Perfect, and Clean Navigation
    • Theme based on Industry and Niche Standards
    • Fast Loading to Enable Better User Experience
    • Cost-Effective and Target-Oriented Solutions
    • Full Support, Revisions, and Updates

    Web Development

    Customized and Interactive Web Applications

    Our firm has a rich experience history across all major industry verticals from working on open source and proprietary technologies to architecture solutions and program management.

    From comprehensive portals to basic data recordsets we deliver customized web development solutions with impeccable results. We help you to excel in your business! Our experienced developers build feature-rich web applications and bring you the most robust development solutions using the latest technologies depending on the specific needs of your business. We build fully customized, customer-centric, web portals with all the required functionality that can easily streamline your business processes resulting in an improved bottom line. Development services include:

    • Web Portal Development
    • Custom Web Development
    • E-commerce Development
    • CMS Web Development
    • Enterprise Web Development

    Mobile App Development

    User Centric and Fully Functional Mobile Apps

    Tap the sturdy advantages of end-to-end mobile application development built on agile methodologies. Jump-start your apps with our solid roster of capabilities and pre-written scripts.

    We offer professional and user-centric mobile app development services and assure you of impeccable quality. We bring visual designs to life and offer fully-featured, clean, and functional apps with jaw-dropping graphics. Moving with the latest technology and trends in the app development world is the sole aim of our app developers. Our team is proficient in developing Android & iOS apps, native and cross-platform apps, and making your app stand out in the crowd and noise. Our mobile app development service include:

    • iPhone App Development
    • Android App Development
    • Cross-Platform App Development
    • React Native Development

    Digital Marketing

    Let our creativity and expertise drive more traffic

    Be ahead of your competitors with the help of an exclusive digital marketing strategy for your business. Our expert digital marketers understand your business goals and devise a unique, effective, and excellent digital marketing strategy for your business.

    You might be doing excellent with your business but there is likely a need to target specialized or long-tail audiences. For selling your product or service in the digital market your presence should be noticed by multiple target audiences. Traffic can be generated either through an organic way or a paid way. We provide solutions for both but we prefer the organic way due to its long-term benefits. Organic traffic can be generated through search engine optimization and social media optimization while paid traffic is done through pay per click campaign. Our digital marketing service include:

    • SEO, SMO, and PPC campaign
    • Online Reputation Management
    • Analytic and Measurement Services
    • Branding and Online Advertising
    • Research & Marketing Strategy

    Zoho Customization Services

    Customize your Zoho CRM/Suite to Streamline Processes & Skyrocket Profits

    Generating leads and retaining customers can be challenging for those who are new to managing and operating a business or for companies who are unsure of the direction they want to take their entity in. With Zoho CRM, it is possible to have a completely customized system setup and in place for you and your employees to work with, increasing productivity while delivering desired results. With our consulting services available, users have the ability to choose the tools that are most appropriate for their model of business and methods of communication with both potential customers and employees who represent the company itself.

    What our clients say


    If you need web-design, Shane is your guy! You will get top-notch service from these professionals! Expect your needs to be addressed promptly and effectively. I wasn't sure about colors, or design ideas, and I had no idea what a call-to-action even was.

    They created a strong and refined online presence for my company in record time, and helped me take some of my ideas the extra-mile. The end-product is not only visually appealing, but functional with great flow. It is the perfect main-hub for my company.

    I plan to have them build more sites for me in the future. And I will promote them to everyone I know in the Real Estate Industry, as well as other Home Services.

    David H.


    I am beyond satisfied with the excellent work the staff from Pixel Me Pink provided. I am not a computer guru and I was afraid of creating a website for my business because of it but my business requires it for its success. I interviewed with a lot of companies, and even though Pixel me Pink was not the cheapest nor the most expensive, their service, knowledge, and plain and simple down to earth caring people made me want to go with them and I don't regret it! It was the best decision I could have made. their follow up skills are unbelievable!

    My website is completed and it looks awesome!!!!! It is exactly the way I want it. I didn't know what I wanted at first but with their excellent web design suggestions it is perfection. Their web designers are very knowledgeable and very open to suggestions. They are patient beyond belief and Shane and Audrey are just simply GREAT people. I was able to develop a care for them simply because they genuinely cared for me and my business. You just won't find people as great as them in this industry!

    I can go on and on with how great they are but you can contact me with any questions if you like before you hire them! I would be more than happy sharing my personal experience with them further is any one has any questions!

    If you need to create a website and require excellent website design Pixel Me Pink is the BEST choice you have!!!!!!!

    Karla B.


    Pixel Me Pink is an excellent web design company that takes a personal approach to designing a professional website for a reasonable price.

    They are excellent for first time business owners/entrepreneurs. I approached Pixel Me Pink when I decided to start my own company. They took the time to talk with me in length, understand my business model, then gave me an in depth brief as to how they would design the site in a way that I could understand.

    They are very flexible with their clients. My business model changed in the middle of their design. After notifying them, they rolled with the punches and did absolutely everything in their power to make the website match what I wanted it to be.

    I am overall very happy with the website I have with them now. Anytime anyone asks me about who designed my website, I am always proud to refer Pixel Me Pink to them. I highly recommend that if you are looking for a professional site to be made at a reasonable price, these guys are the way to go.

    Brian G.


    Buying a car, a mattress, and finding a good web design company can be some of the least enjoyable buying experiences one can make ( I should know I'm in the mattress industry). 🙂 

    Because I was cheap and broke I've worked with other design companies overseas and also here locally and I've learned the hard way. I've always ended up with mediocre websites and ended up paying much more than I should of.

    I finally decided to do it right and find an experienced local web company who was intent with making sure we were pleased. I interviewed several other web companies and these guys stood a part from the rest, mostly because I could tell they would be the easiest to work with and they cared very much at what they do.

    Their work process was well organized and thought out and made the job run smooth.

    Shane and Audrey did an awesome job with our site and since our new site went up our business has at least doubled and we are always getting compliments on our site. So if you're looking for a web company these guys definitely need to be on your list.

    There are a lot of good designers out there but not all designers are easy to work with, these guys have figured it out.

    Pablo H.


    I initially had a very basic website set up just so I could get my business off the ground.  I desperately needed to have better functionality and design, but I was having such bad luck finding someone to do the work the right way.  I'd asked friends for references, and looked on Craigslist to find somebody.  Nothing seemed to be working out.  From what I've gathered, most website people are only skilled in one aspect of putting a site together... it's hard to find somebody that can make it look great AND work properly.

    I gave Craigslist another shot and came across Pixel Me Pink.  Their clever business name attracted me.  But I got a good feeling about these guys from the very first telephone conversation.  They came across as very organized and professional.  This husband and wife team marry all the skills of coding, design, creativity, etc...

    I decided to move forward and do a complete re-design of my site.  Once we got under way, they gave me a timeline for each step of the process.  At first, I was having a hard time deciding on theme/colors/features.... They were very patient with me and offered great suggestions.  End result is wonderful!  I am thrilled and excited for people to see my website:

    Larisa H.